Arda Turan: Barcelona midfielder given suspended sentence for firing gun

Barcelona midfielder Arda Turan has been granted a suspended sentence of 2 years and eight weeks for shooting a gun to cause intentional injury and panic, illegal possession of weapons and fear.
Turan, who is presently on loan with Turkish club Basaksehir, won’t go to jail unless he commits a crime in the following five years, after a Turkish court.
The 32-year-old was involved in an Istanbul nightclub in a struggle with Turkish singer Berkay Sahin last year, leaving a broken nose to the singer.
Turan afterwards arrived with a gun that he fired in the ground, causing panic.
Basaksehir said that they had fined the 31-year-old 2.5 million Turkish lira (#350,648) for the episode.
Turan united Barcelona from Atletico Madrid to get 34 million euros (#30m) in 2015, winning four trophies, making 55 appearances and scoring 15 goals for the La Liga club.
Turan scored 17 goals for the nation and has performed 100 occasions.

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