Cristiano Ronaldo says he deserves more Ballon d’Ors than Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo is determined to end his career compared to Lionel Messi with one more Ballon d’Or as he tries to establish herself.
Ronaldo is not satisfied with that, although after being voted the best player on earth, about five occasions, the Portugal skipper and his Barcelona and Argentina rival have every claimed the award.
“I’d love [much more ], and I think I deserve it,” said the Juventus forwards on ITV’s Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Piers Morgan.
“Messi is also a fantastic guy, a great player. He’s in football’s background but I think I have to have seven or six or eight to be over him.
“My connection with him isalso, we are not friends, but we have shared this point for 15 decades.
“I really have a fantastic relationship with him and I know he has forced me to become a better player and I’ve pushed him to become a better player also.”
Even the 34-year-old, who concurred that Messi is against, hopes to be remembered as one of the greatest – if not the best – footballers the game has ever seen.
He explained:”I am positive I’m in the history of soccer for what I’ve done and what I’m continuing to perform, but among the best players in history.
“For me personally, the number one ever, but for a few fans, if the amount one is just another one and I am next, it does not matter.
“I know I am in the background of soccer as one of the biggest ever.”
The former Manchester United and Real Madrid player has five Champions League successes to his own name, and it has led Portugal into Nations League glory and Euro 2016.
He has also got 145 records, including the all-time top global goalscorer and the most goals scored in the UEFA Champions League, all of which are still spur him on at age 34 of Europe.
He said:”It is part of my sacrifice, my obsession to win, to have success. I’ve worked for that when I say victory. Talent isn’t sufficient, I devote records are a part of me.
“I do not adhere to the documents, the documents follow me. That I really don’t think that it’s something awful, and I am hooked on the achievement, I think it’s good. It motivates me. If you are not inspired, it’s much better to stop”

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