WWE Raw: Will there be a Fiend fallout following his attack on Seth Rollins?

The fallout from the Activity at Clash of Champions of The Fiend could be felt tonight’s Raw, live on Sky Sports Arena.

Bray Wyatt’s menacing production attacked Seth Rollins at Sunday night’s pay-per-view at the conclusion of his Universal title defence.
This Fiend’s laughter’s noise represented the event’s moment, together with Rollins left down and out following a Sister Abigail plus a Mandible Claw.
Rollins’ challenger for his title could not be clearer, with the Fiend next month lining up to WWE’s best singles name as early as Hell In A Cell.
However, will Braun Strowman step aside quite easily, or can his long term affiliation with Wyatt offer another twist in the intriguing tales from the Firefly Fun House?
Banks to find out name rematch?
Sasha Banks didn’t win the name of the Raw women at Clash of Champions, however she didn’t beat Becky Lynch, earning a disqualification victory on The Man because of Lynch’s errant assault to a referee with a steel bench.
Becky got the best of her foe in the conclusion of the night, downing Banks in a wild brawl that unfolded through the stadium, however there remains a feeling of business between these two.
Will Banks make another play for the spotlight and Your Man after being fined $10,000 for her assault on Sunday and will Lynch respond ?
King of the Ring to be crowned
Following weeks of breathtaking action and speculation, that the time came to summit that the 2019 King of the gang, with all acting general director of Deadly Baron Corbin.
The conduct to the closing of smackDown celebrity Gable has awakened memories of Kurt Angle and victory at tonight’s King of the Ring closing may be the catalyst to the start of a major push for the prior American Alpha man.
Naturally, there’s only room on the throne for one, and come Monday night, lovers will be kneeling before King Corbin or toasting Chad Gable.

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